Cudahy Family Library drawing


  • Call 414-769-2244, email, or send in your request. Be sure to include your name, library card number, and contact information with your request.
  • We will retrieve requested materials from our shelves and call you to set up a contactless pickup appointment at our west side delivery entrance (next to the book drops).
  • Call us from your vehicle when you arrive at your appointed time (or use the intercom if you do not have a phone). We will place your materials on the chair outside the door. 
  • If another pickup is occurring when you arrive for your appointment, please wait in the parking lot until the area is clear.
  • You may check CountyCat to see what materials are currently available or make a general request for materials and let our librarians find items for you. 
  • Our outside book drops are open. You may return materials from any library. 
  • Thank you for continuing to support your library!