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Thank you for thinking of the Cudahy Family Library for your charitable contributions!

Gifts for the Library's collections can be in the form of cash contributions or donated materials.

Cash Contributions

The Library welcomes and appreciates financial contributions of $10.00 or more for the purchase of materials for the collections. In purchasing materials with gift money, the Library's professional staff will select items that will enhance the Library's collections. Donors may consult with the Library Director and/or librarians concerning suggested titles or subject areas that they would like the Library to consider. If requested, memorial and gift materials will be marked with a bookplate identifying the benefactor and the purpose of the donation. Written acknowledgments are sent for cash contributions for library materials. Notification of memorial or honorary contributions will also be sent to the family of the individual being recognized. 

You can make an online donation to the Cudahy Family Endowment Fund through a link in the CountyCat library catalog.  We are grateful for your support!

Donated Materials

The Library welcomes and gladly accepts books, magazines and audiovisual materials that are in good condition. Items that show evidence of mold, insect- or water-damage are not accepted because of their potential to damage the Library’s collections. All donors must sign the statement of gift form that legally transfers the ownership of the material to the Cudahy Family Library when they donate their items. A formal acknowledgment of the gift may also be requested by the donor at the time of donation. 

Donations are accepted with the understanding that they will be considered for use in accordance with the Library’s selection criteria. This criteria includes the material’s timeliness, scope, literary quality, and physical condition, in addition to library processing costs and available shelf space. 

At this time, please note that we are not accepting donated videotapes or large collections of National Geographic magazines.

Equipment and Furnishings

The decision on acceptance of equipment and furnishings will be made by the Library Director or by the Library Board as appropriate.  Among the criteria on which the decision shall be based is need, space, impact on staff time, and expense and frequency of maintenance.  Furnishings, including works of art, also must conform to the general architecture and selected style of the Library and be appropriate to the scope of the Library’s mission and objectives. The Library reserves the right to determine the location and display of the furnishings and the time of use.